DATE: Monday, Feb. 15th 2016

TO: People of San Andreas

FROM: Office of Administrative Affairs

SUBJECT: Sheriff’s Department Open House!


The San Andreas Sheriff’s Department will be having an open house this monday! This event is for you, the people, to get an idea of what we do here in the Sheriff’s Department. The open house will be open to everyone! The San Andreas Sheriff’s Department Open House will consist of the following:

  • Command staff speech
  • Guided Department tours
  • Recruitment assistance and information expo
  • Divisional demonstrations and explinations

Remember, everyone is welcome! Even if you aren’t interested in recruitment you can still come out, get to us, what we do and our mission. We are all about getting involved in our wonderful community and can’t do it without you. Together we can keep San Andreas a great place. The details for the Open House are as follows:

WHEN: Monday, Feb 15th 2016 at 01:00 (Server time).

WHERE: San Andreas Sheriff’s Department HQ

DIRECTIONS: (From Los Santos) Head towards San Fierro on the 89 and take a RIGHT on RIVER St, turn LEFT onto the 210 and we’re the first thing on the RIGHT less than a mile WEST bound on the 210.


  1. You are on property of the Sheriff’s Department and will be searched for any illegal items upon entry. Anyone found having any such items will be detained and arrested.
  2. All Department personnel will be treated with respect and you should expect the same from us.
  3. All vehicles must be parked properly or they will be impounded.
  4. You are to be escorted by a Sheriff’s Deputy at all times while on S.D. property.