1703 Highway 210,

Flint County, San Andreas

Emergency: 911

Sheriff Appointment

Effective on today’s date, the President of San Andreas appointed a new Sheriff.

Jackson Curtis, who was appointed to the position of Undersheriff under Mike McFlies’ command, has stepped up to the role. Curtis has been a member of the department for many years, and was previously been appointed Sheriff during 2013/14, in a term streching 14 months.

The following was sent to departmental staff, and outlines the vision Sheriff Curtis has for the department in the coming weeks and months:

All Staff,

As per a directive from the President of San Andreas, I have been appointed as the Sheriff for the San Andreas Sheriff’s Department.

I would like to acknowledge the members of the department who were also considered for the position. They have all contributed a great deal to the department, and I’m sure will continue to do so.

The question arises; where to from here? The answer is I intend to implement a plan to refine the department’s operations without compromising the integrity and dilligent service which we are known to provide. This will include:

  1. Simplifying the training process for RETU and supervisors in order to conduct training sessions (1-1 or lecture style) more effectively
  2. Development of divisional forward plans to increase attractiveness of the range of tasks carried out by the department
  3. Building relationships internally by holding get-togethers with members, disregarding rank or periods of service
  4. Targetted recruitment, to ensure the quality of members is maintained

This is something that isn’t going to take place overnight, and I ask for patience in order to effectively carry out this plan. I know it may result in stepping on some toes, or upsetting some people, but ultimately I hope that you all will put trust in me that my decisions in the coming weeks and beyond, are being done with the best of intentions and the interests of the department’s future in mind.

I look forward to representing you all as Sheriff. Thank-you for the opportunity.

Yours in Policing,

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