1703 Highway 210,

Flint County, San Andreas

Emergency: 911

(( The SASD ))

History of the San Andreas Sheriff’s Department

The San Andreas Sheriff’s Department has years of tradition behind it. Originally created in 2008, the department has grown, moved, and changed over the years to adapt to the changing SAMP environment. The tactics, policy and administration of the department aims to be as similar as possible (within the restrictions of the game mechanics) to real life police department procedures. This is done in order to provide an exclusive experience to players who either have an interest in law enforcement, or who are just wanting a genuine police roleplay experience.

Commitment to Realism

The department has historically contained members who have experience in law enforcement and public safety organisations such as EMS or Fire and Rescue. This means that not only can it be used as an opportunity to play realistically, but also a chance for people looking further into these fields as a career path to gain a real insight and generate real-world connections all over the world – members stretch from the East Coast to the West Coast of the US, Canada, Europe and Australia. A number of current and former members of the department have entered Law Enforcement, and all have said the skills they learned here have benefitted them significantly in attaining these goals.